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10/19/2010 09:46:35 am

Here's your opportunity to get free advice from a painting professional!

10/20/2010 12:29:08 pm

I've been asked if I think Behr's primer/paint combo saves any steps.

Not really, and it may end up costing you more if you end up doing two coats with it.

I don't think anybody makes a white paint that will cover a dark color in one coat or a red paint that will cover much of anything in one coat, unless it is sprayed on. Behr is no exception to that. But what if you buy this expensive primer/paint combo and end up doing two coats with it? It would have been cheaper to use a cheap primer tinted to your final color followed by a good quality paint. It will cover just as well for less money.

Howabout a light color on another light color? Experience tells me if Behr's primer/paint combo will cover in one coat then any other paint of equal or greater value will too so what's the point?

To me it all smacks too much of a marketing gimmick.

That said, the real question is why buy Behr paint from Home Depot when you can get better service and advice at a paint store like Sherwin Williams, Columbia, or Perfection Letz? I know, I used to work at Home Depot, including the paint department at times. At least at Sherwin Williams, for example, if you stump the Customer Service Rep there will be a manager there who can answer your question. At the Kennwick Home Depot, now that I'm not working in kitchen design, who are they going to turn to for real world painting experience? Their management doesn't have any more product knowledge than their CSR's, quite often a lot less, and quite often they don't have enough product to paint a whole house.


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